Javelin Throwing Balls 400 grams – 1000 Grams

knocken balls

Javelin Throwing balls

Rubber javelin throwing ball (nocken ball, Knocken ball)
These throwing balls come in different weights  for throws training. The throwing balls can be used indoors or outdoors and are made from a durable and flexible rubber compound. The balls are designed with a “notch” that fits in between the fingers to help simulate the javelin carry position. Different weights allow you to train for arm speed or strength.
Weights available


Welcome Florida Javelin Throwers and Coaches!

Rubber Tip javelin florida

Rubber Tip javelin florida

Hello coaches and athletes from the state of Florida. The javelin throw is one of the most historic and gratifying events in track and field. We are excited that you are considering adding this great event to your state!

We have put together a beginner’s guide on the javelin throw that may help you better understand the implement and all of the variations that are out there.

We will also be providing you training information and videos to help coaches and athletes learn the event.

If you are an athlete or coach in the state of Florida you will also be awarded a discount on SPEARWERX equipment. Use the discount code FACA at checkout. You will also need to supply a valid Florida shipping address.

You can find a copy of the Javelin 101 Guide Here Javelins101

SPEARWERX offers a complete line of Rubber Tipped Javelins and training equipment to help get you started.

There are many, many theories and coaching techniques when it comes to the javelin. We have chosen a few videos that cover some basics to help get you started

Javelin Video Page




SPEARWERX is a long time distributor of the TurboJav and Throwing Zone Athletics fitness equipment. We carry all models of the Turbojav including the new Turbo Speer 700 and Turbo Speer 800 gram models. Our prices are hard to beat, we want high quality equipment available to everyone!

Turbojav 300 Gram

 The Turbojav 300 is the official throwing
implement of USATF Junior Olympics Program and the official Implement of the Junior Level Special Olympics Division.
The turbojav 300 is the ideal Turbojav to begin your training with.By throwing”through the point” and using your body’s leverage, you will correctly
train your body to get the most out of your throws while reducing risk of injury.

  • The Most popular Turbojav.
  • 300 Gram weight
  • Official throwing implement of USATF
  • Junior Olympics Program
  • Official throwing implement of
  • Special Olympics Programs
  • Perfect for baseball, football, and track training
  • Invented by Tom Petranoff
  • Can be thrown indoors or out
  • Soft tip will not damage floors
  • Click Here To Purchase $29.00

The Turbojav 400
Turbojav 400 Gram
The Turbojav 400 makes a great “overload” training tool for your youth athletes. The additional weight helps build additional strength in the specific throwing motion, and makes the 300 gram turbojav feel “light” for meets. The 400 gram Turbojav is also the boy’s implement for middle school programs.

  • 400 Gram weight
  • Perfect for baseball, football, and track training
  • Strong plastic construction
  • High School programs
  • Middle School programs
  • Invented by Tom Petranoff
  • Can be thrown indoors or out
  • Soft tip will not damage floors
  • Click Here To Purchase $31.00

The Turbojav 500 /600
Turbojav Minijav 500
The 500 / 600 Turbojavs are not only heavier in weight, but they are also longer in length. The Long Tom measuers 42 inches in length and emulates the feeling of a real javelin. The 500 Gram Model is also the Official Implement of the Special Olympics Senior Level Division. The 600 gram model is similar in design but weighs 100 grams more.

  • 500 + 600 grams in weight
  • Official Implement of Senior Level Special Olympics Division
  • 42 inches in length
  • Perfect for baseball, football and track training
  • Invented by Tom Petranoff
  • Can be thrown indoors or out
  • Soft tip will not damage floors
  • Click Here To Purchase $36.00 – $38.00

Turbojav / Turbo Speer 600,700,800

The Tubo Speer is the new addition to the turbojav line-up. These new models are almost 6 feet in height and weigh in at 600, 700 or 800 grams. Now you can practice with a heavier implement that also weighs the same as competition javelins. The longer design of the Turbo Speer will also help with point control.

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Customization Options

Custom Decal-We can create a custom decal with your name, school, inspirational quote, etc…

Custom Laser Etching– Your SPEARWERX Javelin head can be laser etched with your custom text!

Unique Serialization– Each javelin is serialized, this allows you to look up javelin history and information on our website, as well as verifying the manufacturing technical specifications.

Protection– SPEARWERX Javelins are shipped in a rugged, reusable, PVC, case.


Not Sure Which Javelin to Buy? Click Here For the Javelin Selection Tool

SPEARWERX BLUE is our new entry-level javelin designed for beginners or throwers that have difficulty getting the javelin to land point first. SPEARWERX BLUE has a more forward weight distribution compared to the RAPTOR line of javelins. The forward balance allows the javelin to correct in flight when the thrower “misses the point” during the throw. This is most commonly seen in beginner throwers.

SPEARWERX BLUE meets all High School, NCAA, AAU, USATF, and IAAF specifications.

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RAPTOR Green is our mid-level javelin designed for intermediate throwers. RAPTOR green has more flex in the aluminum alloy which maximizes distances for new throwers. RAPTOR Green has all the advanced features and craftsmanship as RAPTOR Orange. The distance rating for RAPTOR Green is up to 50 meters, or 164 feet.

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RAPTOR Orange is our experienced-level javelin which has a more rigid shaft than RAPTOR Green. This is the ideal javelin for High School, Collegiate, Open and Masters throwers. The distance rating for RAPTOR Orange is up to 60+ meters, or 200+ feet.

All RAPTOR javelins are meticulously balanced and equipped with the rust proof stainless steel point.

With great enthusiasm and pride SPEARWERX announces our newest, most advanced, and furthest flying javelin ever… the RAPTOR.   From its sleek design, bold color, and precisely machined parts, the RAPTOR will turn heads and blow away the competition.

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The Specifics

  • High Grade Aluminum Alloy Shaft
  • Custom, Precision CNC Aluminum Head
  • Replaceable Stainless Steel Points (will not rust)
  • Will never “rattle” (There are no lead weights in the RAPTOR)
  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Bold New Color
  • Available in 600 and 800 Grams
  • Laser Etched with Logo and Individual Serialization
  • Add Your Name or School on the Javelin
  • Meets all IAAF and USATF Specifications (IAAF Submission in Progress)
  • Compatible with the SPEARWERX TRACK APP
  • Outstanding Customer Service After the Sale

The technical details are impressive, but what about the price? The RAPTOR line of javelins is aggressively priced against competing models.

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Javelin Comparisons

Javelin Comparisons


What is the distance rating of the Raptor? RAPTOR orange is an intermediate level javelin comparable to a 70m javelin for the 800g and a 50m javelin for the 600g. Two additional models, the RAPTOR BLUE and RAPTOR GREEN are the beginner and advanced models (Fall 2016).

What makes the RAPTOR different from other javelins? There are many differences, first is the head of the javelin, it is a precisely machined part that is built to perfection, the very tip of the javelin has a replaceable stainless steel point that will not rust and has no parts that can come loose. The RAPTOR will never “rattle”. Other javelins use a cheap steel head that is dipped in nickle plating. Nickle plating chips then the steel rusts underneath.

Some manufacturers (OTE / Nemeth) have an aluminum head but they use carbon steel for their points. Carbon steel will rust! SPEARWERX is the only company in the world using stainless steel points.

What other features set the RAPTOR apart? All javelins are made with a stiff aluminum alloy shaft, the paint is put on electro-statically, tolerances are maximized, and… where else can you get your name, school, or logo laser marked on the head of the javelin? NOWHERE!!!

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